25.Srpen 2015
Vite co je to laska? Je to jen cekani na neco co neni, na neco co neprijde a kdyz uz si myslite ze to mate na dosah ruky, najednou je to pric a vy premyslite co se stalo rikate si je to moje chyba? Neni to nikoho chyba je to jen cit kterej dlouho nevydrzi kdyz nejste stou spravnou osobou a proto musime verit ze jednouho dne kdy vijde slunce potkame nekoho prikom se nam rozbusi srdce a budeme se smat ani nevime proc, budeme stastni a nas zivot bude mit konecne smysl. Tak nezoufejte on ten pravej prijde v ten cas kdy to nebudete vubec cekat, bude tam stat a divat se vam primo do oci se svym krasnym usmevem.
 Do you know what is love? it's waiting for something we don't have, for something what's not coming and then when thing u have it, it lose and you think about and telling to youself what's wrong? it is my fault? No it's not anyone's fault it's only an emotion that don't last for long if you are with wrong person so that's why we must believe that one nice sunny day we will meet someone with who our heart will beat faster then normally and we will smile without a reason, we will be happy and our life will finally give us sense. So do not be desperate Mr. right will come in the time u will not wait, he will stand there and look at you with he's pretty eyes and  gorgeous smile. <3  
Vložil: Analia.LovE ¤