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05.Listopad 2012

First year at uni done, postponed studies due to moving to New Zealand

Caute pratele,
Jestli jste tu nahodou, vitejte, jestli jste se sem dostali z blogu DanceTravelDance, tak vite, ze tady najdete info o mem zivote v Australii, o hudbe, mozna neco taky o mych tvrdohlavych nazorech a dalsich neskutecnych prihodach ze zivota Martiniho.
INFO: Ze zacatku jsem psal cesky, nakonec jsem se ale rozhodl, kvuli opakovani a ziskavani nove slovni zasoby, psat blog v anglictine. Nedivte se, jestli v predchozich clancich naleznete nejakou tu gramatickou hrubku, clanky jsou stare, tak budte shovivavi a neuzurpujte me za stare zalezitostii.
Have fun
Martini Hospyliano

10.Leden 2012

life changing situation is coming over

Hi there boyz and gals!!!!!
  • Now this is a long time since the last time I was here and freaking changes happened.
  • Let's listen to some great shit

 so it's been a fucking half year since my last article and pretty big changes happened.
  • So after Rock am Ring I went to Rock for people. It was just awesome to see Paramore and Sum 41 after those year of just listening to them on a record, you know what I mean. We got shit-faced as fuck and that's the way it's supposed to be. not some fucking xxx people. they can suck my dick.
  • After Rock for people I flew to Bulgaria for 10 days just to have some fun and holiday, but it turned out to be just a usual Chomutov weather there....cloudy and rainy, I was at the beach only twice or so and it was not quite that what I was expecting. Anyway we attended a new festival there, it lasts like 7 days and for everyday there is a some schedule of action for children and adults and in the evening local bands perform. It's in Varna if you want to know :)
  • After Bulgaria I flew to London to find a job and just to spend there some time, you know. I worked in a pretty high-class restaurant, it was brutal. On my first working day Kelly Osbourne came there to have a dinner after Amy Winehouse's funeral. Isn't that brutal?? that's the last thing I would expect to happen to me :D anyway, a few days after Amy was found dead we went to see her house...There were like fucking thousand people standing in front of her house and crying...Full of papparazzi and other publishing shit. BTW if you have rich paretns you should visit this restaurant ASIA DE CUBA. I fucking love their meals, it's a fusion of Asian and cuban meals and it's finger lickin'good. you would piss you pants if you taste their delight :)
  • Finally I received a letter from Uni I wanted to go...I eventually got to 2 Unis...but I decided for German and English for commmercial use and right now it's an exam time and I'm kinda fucked up... I'll see if I make it and if I don't I would just travel to somewhere else to see the fucking world around me....That's the point of my see as much as possible and to be through as much as I can.
The world is too big to stay in one place, so get your fucking ass out and see and experience...
Talk to you soon :) Martini

12.Červen 2011

Trip around England, to Germany, France and finally Rock am Ring 2011 pt 1

Yo, what's up, folks?
something tasty for core ears :)

  • It's been hell of a time since I last wrote here. I've been through so much shit, deactivated lasers with my know what I mean :)
  • I got to England one month ago. First stop was London, what else, right? I spent there, let's say, ten days. One of my friend hosted me so accommodation was free :) I know, good for me. Weed and transport are very expensive there, but everything else is cheap as fuck, okay, if you're not keen on the greatest quality products. Camden town is an amazing part of England if you like fashion concerning music and old stuff. Anyway, I forgot to do some shopping in that part, it for the next one. I love SOHO because I just love asian cuisine. You should check it out, if you love it as I do. Definitely check out on Primark, the cheapest clothing provided, but cool stuff, like Back to the future t-shirt, Gremlins and dresses for girls are so tempting, I believe that girls could spend there, like, all day.Then 
  •  I went to Liverpool(the city of BEATLES). It's a lot smaller than I expected. It's more of a village to me, I'd say. I found one pretty cool hostel called Everton hostel. It's cheap as hell and you get free drinks during the whole day, breakfast included, shower at your share-room, free coffee, tea, chocolate, there is a cooker, a fridge and a washing machine, It's also good for living. I met there one guy from Egypt. He's been living in the UK for 2 years and he wasn't able to speak to me, but anyway, we grabbed beer together and exchange a few words. 
  • Then I went to Manchester as I found one couchsurfer who could host me, if you don't know what couchsurfing is, check out this link. The day I got there, there was this couchsurfing meeting, maaaan, I met so many people from all over the world and the party was huge :) I learnt a new drink, It's called JAGbomb, It's an actual shot Jaggermeister put in a long glass and filled with Redbull upto the edge of the shot. It tastes delicious and you don't even know it was some fucking herbal drink. It's great and How shit-faced I was, too much, man. My host was an asian girl, she was in he middle 30s, she cute as hell and very smart, that's the combination I'm following :) She was wild, talkative and very friendly. I really enjoyed staying at her house.
  • After two days in Manchester I went back to London, but what happened, when I was getting on the bus. It broke down, man, so I got stuck in Manchester's bus station for hours, but when I got to London I made it up to myself with a few drags of English weed. 
  • I went to Brighton for a few hours because it's a kind of city, I'd like to live in one day, you know. You should check it out. Brighton is a great place for students, musicians and party people, yeah, that's the way it is.I made some pics and then I was like: okay it's 6 o'clock, let's go home....but then I said to myself, like,: No, let's stay for a bit longer, maybe have some sandvich or so. So I went back towards the beach and then it happened, I met a friend which I met there almost two yrs ago. It was such a brutal coincidence to me, you know, I kinda freaked out. We chatted for a bit and then our ways hit different direction.
  • That's my short description of my trip around England, but before you go, listen to this song, I love it, man.
  • And that's definitely the end of this article or wait a minute I've got some quotes and jokes to mention :) :)
"I'm a postmodern vegetarian - I eat meat ironically."
How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb? 
Two, one to change it and one to check for animal ingredients. 

16.Březen 2011


Hey folks, how's it goin?
Make sure you check out COREMUSIC.CZ You'll find there information about up-coming gigs, interviews with overseas bands, reports from venues around Czech republic.
See ya, Martini Hospy Jr.

04.Únor 2011

Attack Attack in Prague..upcoming Interview...follow the crab core+ MV Johny Craig

Hey, yo yo!! 
    • How are things, folks?
  • It's been abso-damn-luty astonished period of time when I last hit you with some notice, right?
  • Damn, I can't believe it myself I haven't been writing for that long. We might start with some delicious song to welcome each other back in touch :D Maaaaan, I'm wasted....anyways, here's that little pleasantness for ya.
  • And here is the obligation that every core kid should meet its requirement.  ATTACK ATTACK is perfoming at Rock cafe in Prague on February 10th  and you better be there, this four-piece post-metal core band from Ohio show ya what is like to be alive. These guys released their second studio album last year, as I've been listening to that, I shall say the combination of breakdowns, platitudinous scream with clean vocal and pushful guitar riffs is fucking ass kicking. I'm particularly keen on the clean vocal which has beatiful colours, although it's been kinda auto-tuned in some parts or what's that shit. We should keep our step with time and the world, though. you know, what I'm saying. So, I don't really care, it's their business and their fun.
Here a little taste.........

  • You can expect some interview which I'll do in collaboration with COREMUSIC.CZ  
  • I'm about to leave, it's fucking Friday and I'm not gonna waste it in front of my shitty laptop. 
Take care, bastards........
Mini-Hospy Jr.

14.Červen 2010

ROCK AM RING 2010, Germany, N

Hey guys!!!!
  • Here I come again :) Happy?

  • After I'd finished my german course I went with my brother to Rock am Ring. First night was with KISS, man, what I can say about that. It's like, if you don't even listen to that band, you gotta see the show, 'cause it's something what you will remember for the rest of your life, you know what I mean? You know, like, bands leave the stage and after a minute they're back to give you more and it's usually the best part of the gig, that was when we came and it was sick. The fire show behind them was stunning, never seen that before, I couldn't even compare that with czech fireworks at New Year's Eve, 'cause I would shame the KISS ;)
  • Next day, we were preparing ourselves for a big night with Rage against the machine. We were chillin' in the tent, drinking beer and smoking some weed, when we got to the stage, we were fucked up, I'm telling you. We came when Jay-z was performing and it was just great. Jay-z is some fucking good musician. Just fucking awesome. Then we listened to some bands, I don't even know their names, but they were pretty good too. I definitely remember what we missed, though :D. We missed Kate Nash, Heaven shall burn and The damned things, but nevermind. It's not just about the bands you see, it's about  experiencing being there and having fun with total strangers. 
  • The third day was a amazing day too. we're stoned since we got from the tent, opened beer and waited for the beginning of the show. We had the chance to see Stone Sour, Dizzee Rascal, Zebrahead, Slayer, 30 second to mars and something more. Despite the fact, I don't like Muse, I'm kinda mad I didn't see the show.
  • Last day we went from our camping area to the festival area to see A day to remember. I love these guys, the music is so powerful and energic and the singer's vocal is fabulous. When they played the last song, it turned out nice, so we could take off our raincoats and carry on in getting hammered :). Like I'm thinking about the last day and looking at the line up, I actually don't remember seeing bands like Rise against and HIM. But I should take it from the bright side, so I have to think about what I saw. Guys, if you ever have the chance to see Bullet from my valentine, you gotta go see them, 'cause their show is like "fuck yeah". Cypress hill were cool too, but nothing for me. We went back to our tent and chill to gain some energy for Rammstein, but we couldn't make how tired we were, so we missed them too :)
  • I can't believe my time in Germany is gone. It ran so unimaginably fast. When I'm thinking about it, it became history like when you snap your fingers. And now I'm back, working like a dog, trying to keep my German fluent and saving for the next trip :)
talk to you later, Ciao
Martini Hospy Jr.

Germany- Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Saarbrücken 2nd part

Hi  folks!!!
  • I found a minute to write something more about my trip in Germany, but first, let's here something "touchy"

  • I'm not a guy who would do it, but I just want to let you know about it. When you get to Frankfurt and you are fucking horny, I'm dead sure I know what will satisfy you wants and needs There is one street called "KaiserStrasse" and it's full of night clubs and erotic shops, BUT what I've found out, you'll go crazy mad(especially boys or men). You know restaurants called "eat as much as you can" so Germany has a similiar facility, but if I would give a name to  it, it would be "fuck as much as you can". Really, I'm not kidding, there are clubs like these, where you pay like 80-100 maybe less maybe more, I'm not sure, but you can fuck with whoever you want and how long you want . Yeah there's a limit 7 hours, but hey, who fucks that long :D :D
  • In Frakfurt, you must go to Sachsenhausen. It's a part with traditional food and drinks. The best thing about Germany is "Euro shop". This kind of shops offers great things for great prices.  It's really cool  and you can find them everywhere.
  • You must visit the ZOO there too. It's amazing, I've never ever seen so many monkey species, ever. And the coolest thing about the ZOO is, at five o'clock, they start feeding lions and tigers and you are like 2 meters far from it. I was amazed.
That's gonna be all from my trip and next time we will move to ROCK AM RING...HELL YEAH
Martini Hospy Jr.

11.Červen 2010

Germany- Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Saarbrücken 1st part

Hey guys!!!
  • What's up, guys? what about some nice song to start with :)

So, I just spent 4 weeks in Germany and it was bloody fast. It feels like one week.  I spent most of my time in Frankfurt where I had a school, but thanks to my friend "Marion", I met in Australia, I saw much more than that. My first trip was to Saarbrücken which is a capital city of Saarland. It's a great city where you can do a lot. I had great fun when I was riding myboard along the river "Saar", it felt just great with the sun and music :) The French borders were only 20 km from Saarbrücken, I was supposed to go to Paris for one day, but the buses from Wiesbaden to Paris were fucking fully booked......never mind
Marion showed me one club called "Garage" and it was awesome. The inside was big a circus tent, there were like 3 stages around where you can hang out and dance, but don't be confused by the word "dance", it's a rock club, so you actually dance along songs from bands like Blink 182, A day to remember, Offspring and so on. We really need a club like that in Chomutov and if I don't find a facility like this one in Czech in one year,  I have no faith in Czech  people anymore ;), it was really sick there.
It was cool 'cause I had a place to sleep for free In Frankfurt, in Wiesbaden and in Saarbrücken :)
Wiesbaden is a capital city of Hessen and it's beautiful, when you look here you can find out something about it. I had a great time there, but it was fucking far from my school and Marion was going crazy from her flatmate. Nothing was good enough for her(flatmate). Marion decided we should move, I couldn't say anything I was just her guest, so I followed. She found a flat next to the central station which was 10 min from my school. I was like "Fuck yeah" that's amazing. Later we moved in, it was a flat of one asian girl, she looks like 23, but she is 30 and the way she cooks....damn...make my nipples hard ;) goddamn I love asian cuisine. 
My class was cool too. There were about 12 people and everyone was from a different country: They were from Vietnam, Korea, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, France and maybe something else, but I can't remember. The lessons were kinda slow for me, though. But there's no better way how to learn that language. I can say I gained a big vocabulary both usual words and slang. Maybe I should start writing in German :) If you're reading this  I'm running this blog just for practising my English, anyway :D  You know, the best thing how to memorize words is to use them and that's what I'm doing. 
Typical drink for Frankfurt is APPLE WINE and typical food is CURRYWURST & GREEN SAUCE.
Unfortunately, I didn't try it. I know I know, shame on me.
I have to go now, see you later & be cool
Martini Hospy Jr.

23.Květen 2010 Gavin Dance/In Fear and Faith/Emarosa/Alesana/A Skylit drive

Hey dudes 'n' chicks
  • Just feel like letting you know that czech websites have a new site for core fans called "" so check it out. I started to co-operate with these guys as a interviewer. I do interviews with band from abroad, I've done and interview with a few bands such as Underoath and Architects.....these interviews can be already seen on . You can also expect interviews with Alesana, A Skylit Drive and Emarosa.
  • it could appear you don't know these bands, I just want to give a little taste of it....let's start with Emarosa, one of my very best bands.
  • And there you have a bit of Dance Gavin Dance...also one of my very best bands ever..
  • And now you'll hear one very popular band among Emo-kidz which is called "Alesana", this song is fucking kickass, though..
  • Sorry for those vids, but I'm living in Germany at the moment and youtube here is fucking messed up.
  • Check out and you'll know what's happening, what you favourite bands are up to and so on.
talk to ya soon....take care...

10.Březen 2010


Hi there!!!

  • How's it going these days???
  • Last time, I was writing about Brighton and I must mention it one more time. Brighton is a kickass town.
      • Okay, let's move on, shall we?
  • I'm be writing abou music and gigs today as you could notice from the title of this article, Probably that's why you're here, right?
  • My favourite band I'm gonna write about is called "UNDEROATH". There is a little taste:

  • So, what do you say?? It's completely badass, right? Let's get back to their name. Its name is usually written like this "underOATH" which does make sense now. Yeah, now you can see the name is with a christianity context. This band is said to play screamo, emo-core, hard-core, but truth is that they call themselves metal-core, but from my point of view i would call it Christian core, short form is "christcore. The reason is the lyrics have a christianity contex. The band’s line-up consists entirely of Christian members and was formed on November 30, 1997 in Ocala, Florida. Line-up has changed a few times. There's just one original member and it's a drummer and  a vocal singer "Aaron Gillespie" who is also known for playing in a band "The Almost" consisting ex-members from bands like "Hand to hand", "Dead Poetic" or "Phoenix Mourning".
 There's the actual line-up- [[Underoath]] Is
- Spencer Chamberlain-lead vocals
- Timothy McTague- guitar
- Grant Brandell- bass
- James Smith- guitar
- Christopher Dudley- keys/snyth
- Aaron Gillespie- drums/vocals
  • Dallas Taylor was a front man till Spencer Chamberlain replaced him in 2004. Dallas made music sound mostly death-core except Aaron's clean vocal here and there. The band really reached the top when Spencer joined the group and they succesfully made 3 new albums. Despite the fact they're all christians and I'm really against that I fuckin' love these goddamn motherfuckers.
  • Don't forget, Underoath are going to perfom  in Prague on April 1st. And one metal core band "Architects" will play along. This will be some kickass show.

Ok, that's all for now. Nex time, I will write about bands that will be performing on April 20th. Dance Gavin Dance, In Fear And Faith and Asking Alexandria.

See you later.

Martin Hospy Jr.

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