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Demos and EPsRip Off Your Face (1993)Skin the Living (1995)4-tracks promo (1997)Darkness Foretold (1998, S.O.D. Records/Crash Music Inc.) >> napsal/a: Karzai 16:39 Link komentáře (0)

Studio albumsSkin the Living (1996, Pure Death Records)Slaughter the Weak (1997, Pulverizer Records)Dead and Buried (2001, Olympic/Century Media)Fueled by Hate (2004, Olympic/Century Media)Warzone... >> napsal/a: Karzai 16:38 Link komentáře (0)

Dave Matrise - Vocals, Guitars (1994–present)James Genenz - Guitars (2004-2005), Bass (2005-present)Geoff Bub - Guitars (2005–present) >> napsal/a: Karzai 16:37 Link komentáře (0)

Jungle Rot was founded in 1992 as a side project by Jim Harte and Joe Thomas, members of the Wisconsin thrash metal act, Prisoner. The band's name refers to Jungle rot, an infection of the feet, which... >> napsal/a: Karzai 16:35 Link komentáře (1)