story of my life | My sad world

First time I saw you
it was like a charm
but I never knew
I´d make myself such a harm.

I didn't understand,
what you saw on me
But I have fallen for you
for the way you looked at me.

I thought you was worth of this feeling
my heart looked like as if it was healing
But it was just a dream of mine
I was not supposed to drink this wine.

But somehow I knew it was too good to be true
my world has always been all this blue
I thought I saw a light in the darkness
But i don't have castle and I'm not a princess.

I felt like a bout when it runs at the shelf
when I told her, it's you to whom i tend
But then she took you for her self
who was she - my so called friend.

She came to speak to me one late evening
she told me she share with you that warm feeling
I said it's just a crush it's not big deal,
I'll be ok, just do as you feel.

Why did I said that, I asked myself later that night
when I watched my blood  gleamed in the moonlight.

So she got what she wanted
you was just price but you didn't see it.
why didn't I just give you up
I wouldn't have to listen about that break-up.

you didn't know me that well
but I would never give you such hell
I was simply different from her
But  the game of life is not fair.

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  • Jméno Mikkisha77
  • Bydliště České Budějovice
  • It doesn't matter if the guy si perfect or the girl is perfect... as long as they are perfect for each other :-)
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