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Fashion industry always busy introducing new styles for all ages from kids to adults, but the vintage dresses never failed to amaze people.
We are living in an era that people look to wear different types of clothes. They never think about the consequences but to follow every fashion trend. And the fashionistas always wear a vintage dress without any problem, no matter how old your dress is, or how you carried it before. Happyprom presents options for vintage prom dresses for you that are still in fashion because of their fantastic style and look. 
Today, we are going to discuss vintage dresses and their popularity. Let's get started.
What is Retro dress style? Retro style is a loose concept. For some, these are outfits from the 20s of the last century, for others from the 40s, etc. That is, everything that our grandmothers once wor
Retro style dress: 20s-30s 
The 20s models are slightly rough dresses with low waistlines and cap sleeves. In addition to this outfit, you can pick up a fur boa or boa, fishnet stockings and shoes with a rounded nose.
In the second half of the twenties, the little black dress, created by the unsurpassed Chanel, burst into fashion. If you choose such a retro dress, you will definitely not be mistaken - it suits all women and makes the figure attractive and feminine.
In the early thirties, dresses became more seductive and open. They became shorter, fitted the hips and emphasized the waist.
Retro dress: 40-50s 
The post-war period differed from previous years in modesty and restraint of outfits. The fashion revolution made by Christian Dior led to the emergence of the new look style. The outfits created at that time were distinguished by a not very deep neckline, an adjacent bodice and a narrowed waist. They emphasized the elegance and femininity of the figure.
The most popular were dresses made of crepe de chine, silk, satin, and velvet. As for the colors, both colorful and bright and calm monochromatic outfits were relevant. They wore such dresses with small, envelope-like handbags, patent leather wide belts, wide-brimmed hats and tight-fitting gloves of medium length.
Over the next two decades, dresses gradually changed. They again became somewhat more open, and the neckline became more frank. Fashionable colors of those years - pink, red, blue. Dresses with patterns in the form of flowers, polka dots were especially popular., cells. Crimplen and nylon became topical fabrics. The classic model of that time is a dress with three-quarter sleeves, a year skirt and a stand-up collar. Fashionable dresses were combined with large sunglasses, headbands, head scarves.
Modern dresses in retro style
Nowadays, the trends of past years are played up by designers in a variety of variations. All of the above features of retro dresses are used in a new way, but without losing the spirit of the time. Seductive corsets, high waists, lace and asymmetrical draping - all this you will find in modern variations of retro dresses. Often, tulle, chiffon, cotton and silk are used for sewing such dresses. Inspired by the new look style, designers create their collections that amaze fashionistas with their diversity and originality. The most interesting thing is that the styles of different eras of the last century can easily coexist in one modern collection.
Here are some primary reasons why vintage dresses are famous in the modern age. These include:
Classic looks are always perfect and unique
Vintage look dresses provide a safe way to wear to look perfect and unique in our modern era.
All of us have a few vintage dresses collected from our mothers and grandmothers; our mothers often keep at least one dress of their adult time that might be close to their hearts. So, you can use these dresses to give yourself a vintage classic look.
Fashion is a circle and old trends return
The fashion revises itself after a few years, for example the fashion trends of the late 80s and 70s. So if you have old clothes, don't be sad about them but wear them fashionably like add some latest accessories or hairstyles or whatever you can add and give a new classic look to yourself. Whatever you wear, it's a fashion.
Old era was different with valuable skill:
Vintgae dresses are famous because of their unique work, vintage clothes are also famous and expensive if someone wants to buy them. It was the time that people used to make the dress with their hands, and these hand-made stitched dresses are one of its kind in quality, skill, and design. The modern age brings many new types of machinery and now any complex design can be made with the machine, but the old era was different. 
No more changes required:
There are no such requirements of changing or refreshing the dress according to the new look. The classic look of the dress is enough to express the others. If you have some old dresses, you can wear them anytime.
If you have any old dresses, you can reuse them after adding some of the modern accessories. For example, get a vintage bridesmaid dress , and then reuse it with some accessories, like a waist belt, shoulder chain, a shawl, etc. You order one vintage dress, you get several party looks in the future.
When choosing a retro dress, keep in mind that you should combine it with accessories in the same style. You should not combine and mix styles in one image.
Right now let's see what Happyprom has Is there a better option for you?
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