20.Prosinec 2010

Yi injured exits Bryant cut 24 points blowout win against the season sweep the wizards

Yi injured exits Bryant cut 24 points blowout win against theseason sweep the wizards.The Los Angeles lakers (18 wins seven defeats)continue to Washington wizards (17) to win six rule position. Kobe Bryant threehad 24 points and pau gasol have comprehensive performance, they led the lakersherbs to three quarters will set up more than 20 points leadthem on the road to 103-89 beat short of troops handed the wizards, the lakersmade two wins, their regular season sweep the wizards, this also is their ninthconsecutive times beat the wizards, wizards encounter a five-game losingstreak, yi injured exits.The lakers' kobe Bryant scored 24 points, fiverebounds and four assists, and Lamar odom had 18 points and 10 rebounds, paugasol scored 16 points and nine rebounds and seven assists, shannon brown had16 points, RON artest scored 10 points and Andrew bynum cleared had sevenpoints and four rebounds. Wizards tiffany on sale of Nick youngscored 21 points and javier - mackey had 12 points and nine rebounds andgilbert arenas had 11 points and 10 assists and al Thornton had 11 points, yistarting played five points and six seconds, he was artest contused exits, hehad two points and two rebounds.The lakers from New Jersey get back to winningbasket body feeling, Andrew bynum season, he did not start the first battle,the lakers will continue forward, they are moving away from the ninthconsecutive beat the wizards. Wizards have encountered at home, their fourthconsecutive times to the lakers, John - wal-mart and andrei Nebraska tulameen,both from injury, o league sac noir season starting at home forthe first time.For the first four flat after yi left bottom jumper, wizardslead. Artest even take four points, he still six points in this section 54seconds after receiving pau gasol scored basket back-row attacks, but also hityi knee, and yi painfully fell to the floor, he was teammates Thornton andArmstrong upholdeth pitch. Wizards then announced that yi sprained his rightknee, game won't return to court. Bryant made two dickers to put the lakersahead, 11-8, while bynum in this section and six points, nine seconds replacegasol played, his season debut.Yang three-point acheter des sacs play success, heleads a team played 7-2 counterattack wave, wizards a 15-13 take advantage. Bynumhook hit, Bryant even take 5 points for the lakers, who take lead, booker eventake five points, sierra Finn fill buckle score, wizards a 7-2 small climax endthe quarter, they first quarter ZhanBa with 24-22 lead.The lakers' mixed squadin the second quarter after three points a game over, brown, Lamar odom threepoints of success, they led a team with 10-0 small climax to start, and thelakers with 32-24 overhauling eight points. Thornton layup achievements, Lamarodom scored sac gucci five points, brownhas four points enter an item in an account, they also joined rate teamcompeting at 9-2 small climax, the lakers with 41-28 lead. Yang scored fourpoints the narrowing gap, Derek fisher jumper, Yang caused by Bryant threesubstituted; he made two free throws, wizards a 40-48 backward.Replace Bryantplayed brown quickly find feeling, he even took five points, pau gasol is apair of free throws, the lakers at 55-42 lead. Yang even take 4 points, paugasol bottom line jumper, the lakers in at half-time at 57-46 lead to 11points.The lakers had 12 points in the first half of brown, pau gasol had 10points and six rebounds and five assists, and Lamar sac toile odom had 10 points and fiverebounds, kobe Bryant scored eight points and three rebounds and two assists,and Andrew bynum had seven points: Wizards Yang scored 17 points and buck hadseven points and yi had two points and two rebounds.Gasol jumper started thethird quarter, the Washington wizards outscored 6-2 counterattack wave, theyput gap again narrowed to nine points. Artest twice layup beart and helping theteam rebuilding double-digit lead, kirk hinrich and arenas together to get sixpoints, this section and 5 points for 20 seconds when the wizards to 64-72backward. Bryant hit three find three points and feel he alone scored 12points, he led his team to play a wave of 17-2 small orgasm, and the lakers89-66 lead 23 points.


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