29.Duben 2008
áááá..jsem NEJnejNEJnejNEeeejštastnější debílek na světě :-* one day,26.2.2008,I have met an interesting boy..he really suprised me!I have never thought a boy like him is around me .. but he IS .. everytime,he is there for me..Love our great actions,love our pictures,love our Alabama,love our every times,we spend together..But,at the top,I LOVE YOU..what can I say?only,that I'm happiest than I've ever been..Now I know,what is like to be Soooooo IN LOVE..never forget a date of..you know 8.3 :-* thanks for all,you have done and what you are DOING for me..You're the best boyfriend..yes,YOU ARE :-* :-* aaand .. 20.10.2010 coming soon .. Looking forward to this date .. I'm really taking it into account!trust me..this love never die,my angel
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