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You might ask that because the textbook is going to be divided into several chapters according for the content material, so there will be some courseware inside the same top quality to match with, so how to package them into 1 DVD file? There're some PowerPoint to DVD converter programs like PPT2DVD allows you to make it, with three steps it is possible to own your DVD containing all PowerPoint courseware.

Import your courseware: Include all courseware under the same subject for the software menu, you are able to also New dvd release adjust the playing purchase of each chapter and check the full details of your PowerPoint files.

Customize your video. Here PPT2DVD allows you to customize the DVD menu having a wide range of built-in DVD templates menus. All the objects around the DVD menu can be modified freely, like text including, position adjusting for objects and background audio inserting.  2011 Dvd movies So students can easily recognize the material and choose out what they desire to observe quickly. You'll be able to also play courseware with DVD remote manually, so it's more convenient for you to handle the teaching method.

Melt away your courseware to DVD. The last step is to preserve your documents into DVD file. If you have a DVD burn up drive, it can automatically create a DVD disc out of your PowerPoint courseware. Saving a backup ISO file is also available in this PowerPoint to DVD converter.
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