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Biography Adam N!

Adam N! originally known as AdamNawrath is from underground city in Czech republic – Ostrava whereis he now act as an artist.
First break point was in nownon-existing club „Picadilli“. He become impressed by electronicdance music there and DJ work.
Introduce to spinning pass in DJ school„MP4“ with DJs Elvis & C-phone.They are give him the turntables, experience and a little bit ofknow-how. After he finished this course he hide behind the all ofhappening. At home on his own eqipment he work hard on innovationover his experience. After a year of this he started his career. WithDJ Michal Kobiela started up a „legendary“ Ostrava’safter parties in club „Větrák aka Ventilator“.Afters are still there but with a little change caused by DJ Robbiewho is playing in place of Michal.
In May 2003 become the resident ofOstrava most poluar club Fabric where is he represents beside therest.
Adam is aiming on progressive, groovyand tech house music genres. The strong bassline and melody arespecific elements of all his sets. Nobody else playing genre likehim. He said about himself: „It is most important for me to have acreative sets and to make people happy.“ He maximaly enjoy te musicduring his perfomances.
There are 5 demo mixes from Adam N!:„Musique prison“, „White“, „Yellow“, „Biege“ and thenewest „Orange“.
By asterisk in the end of his name AdamN! wants to reach out he is out of the ordinary.
All the time he spinning with: „SpaceDjz, Circulation, Justin Robertson, Koshen, Dusk and Shape, KutmasterJay, Diana D'rous, Angelo Mike, Fatboy Tim, Aquasky, Shane London,Felipe, Ladida, Michael Burian, Lucca, Dj Loutka, Dj Tvyks, ChrisSadler, Pat Heart, Little Lui and many more…

O Autorovi

  • Jméno Adam_N
  • Region Evropa
  • sikovnej kluk
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