One afternoon, we were out of town on vacation and sitting in a booth at a bar in our hotel when I first revealed to her my fantasy of wanting to watch her have sex with another man. Her response surprised me because I expected rejection but instead heard her ask, “What do you want to see me do with this other man.”

Even though we have been married for three years I was caught completely off guard by her non-rejection of the theme. Thus, I was awkwardly silent while struggling to begin an explanation of my now revealed sexual desire.

During that contemplative silence she was looking about the bar and quickly blurted out “Would you like to see me do it with that guy at the bar?”

I followed her eyes to see the object that had caught her attention. He was young, early twenties in a sports coat and slacks sitting alone at the bar. I felt even more awkward as my mind contemplated the tangled boundary that lies between reality and fantasy. Tension consumed me.

“Would you do it with him?” I soon asked.

Her eyes turned to me and while staring into my eyes, she asked, “Do you want me to approach him to see if he would do it?”

I was now even more surprised than ever by seeing a side of her that had never been revealed to me before.

I told her that my fantasy required that this “other person” be a stranger because involving someone we knew would be too complicated.

“Do you want me to ask him?” she asked again.

When I blurted out, “I think so”, she turned to survey him again.

I watched her gorgeous body walk over and sit next to him at the bar. I watched him buy her a drink. I watched them talk. Later, after their second drink, I saw him turn to look across the room at me. Then several minutes later, they both got up and came to sit at the booth with me.

After an uncomfortable introduction, Richard told me that he was also from out town on business and was interested in the arrangement that Sheri had described. I asked him to tell me what his understanding of the arrangement was.

He turned to look at Sheri and replied “As I understand it, the three of us will go to your room and you will watch her and I have sex. Is that right?”

“Yes, that is what we have in mind”

When we got to the room, Richard was gleaming at my wife when he asked “What will you be doing while Sheri and I do our thing?”

I replied, “I only want to watch”.

Richard approached her, gently pulled her to him and they began kissing. Soon, they were lying on our bed. As they kissed, his hand found her breast before it plunged under her dress to search for her sexual goldmine.

In less than an hour from the time I had revealed my sexual fantasy to my wife, I was watching a complete stranger begin to make love to her. Sheri was completely ignoring me while letting Richard have his way with her. My sexual interest was heightened by watching them in a way I had never felt before. This sight was so stimulating I was about to have an orgasm.

He pulled her panties off, pushed her dress up and lowered his head to be six inches from her pussy when he exclaimed, “God, your pussy looks good; seeing it really turns me on”. He then buried his face at that love junction between her legs.

She still had all her clothes on when he dropped his pants, climbed on top of her and brought his large erection to the entrance of her glory spot. I then saw her hand take his manliness to guide it into her. They were intensely kissing again as his dick became deeply imbedded inside of her. In the next few minutes, neither of them moved. As he lay on top of her, they continued kissing without moving. Soon, he rose his head and groaned, “I’m coming”, and began to viscously pump his hips, which caused his dick to rapidly move in and out of her.

She immediately began to fuck him back. I watched the two of them pound and grind each other as his seed flowed from being in him to be in her. Her butt was driving up and down in time with his bouncing hips. Afterwards, they were lying next to each other when he said, that he wanted to do it again. He asked her to take her clothes off, which she did, When he took his off, they were both naked when he asked her to suck him to make him hard again. When she had done that, he was lying on her back when he told her to get on top. After she sat on top of him, she had her knees on either side of his waist with his dick buried inside of her. He then told her he wanted to see her move to make herself come.

I then watched my wife begin bouncing her ass up and down on his erect penis. She leaned forward and was looking down into his eyes as he felt both of her tits. He maneuvered his body to accentuate her every move. Soon she was breathing hard and moaning. When she loudly exclaimed, “Ohhh… Ohh… Ohhh…”, I knew she was coming.

This went on for an hour with them in many different positions before he proclaimed he was coming again.

When he got dressed and was heading out the door he asked if he could see us again before we left the hotel. Sheri took his phone number and said we would think it over. napsal/a: PIPIpussy 17:24 | Link


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