That's my brand. Oh, this is damn good! Say, this is the best beer I've ever had. Actually, I'm just glad to be alive right now. I was up a few towns away... you know Saragosa? I was visiting a bar there, not unlike this one. They serve beer... not quite as good as this, but close. And I saw something you wouldn't believe. I'm sitting there see, small table all by myself at this bar. It's full of real low-lives. I mean, not like this place here. No, I mean bad. Like they were up to no good. Anyway, I'm by myself... I like it that way. Meanwhile, things are going on... under the table kinds of things. Not too obvious but, not too secret either. So, I'm sitting there. And in walks the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Beautiful as hell. Just walks right in like she owns the place. And nobody knew quite what to make of her... or quite what to think. There she was and in she walked. She was dark too. I don't mean dark-skinned. No, this was different. It was if she was always walking in a shadow. I mean every step she took toward the light, just when you thought her face was about to be revealed... it wasn't. It was as if the lights dimmed, just for her.

Beauty, mystery, seduction... Fantasy woman... : ))

So... Here we go again... : )) Everlasting diary... How keen... : )) Lets think about what happened today.... Nothing, nothing, nothing and then I went to a friend with two bottles of sampagne and to play Soulcalibur III and Tekken 5... : )) Needles to say, I lost in both of theese two games... I suck... : )) And believe me.... I hate to loose... : )) Even so, I can freely admit that someone is better than me, but I does not matter that I will do anything I can to correct that... : )) Hey... : ))) Aiming for impossible is proof that I am sagitarius... : )) Today (and it was not the first time.... : )) I realized that whenever I am little bit drunk and hear some music I just want to do crazy stuff... : )) Even more that when I am sober... : )) When I am sober I want to climb the highest mountain in the world, just to prove to myself that I can do it.... When I am drunk, I want to climb to the space... : ))) When I am sober I want to jump bungee jump from a bridge... When I am drunk I want to jump from a plane... : )) and so on, and so on.... : )) I realized that I need adrenalin, that I need to be in the middle of something... : )) This evening I was in a tram and I saw something written on a wall... It was "Ordinarly life"... Well by my opinion this text was completely off... : )) Life is life... I love it, even that I had my ups and downs, it does not matter... : )) Everyone should accept life as it is... That is the beauty of it.... : )) But again... I am babling... : )) So, farewell for I am going to watch a great move called Big Fish... : )) And I can easily recomand it to anyone of you.... : ))) Good night.... napsal/a: R_evolution 00:13 Link komentáře (0)

Trip Home

21.Září 2006

Ok... So I am back at home... : )) It has not taken a long time, has it? : )) Well on my way to a club (which I of course could not find... and hey... it was not because I was drunk : )), I had to head back home... It is probably the first time that I did not even finish my way to a party... (and again... NO, I was not drunk at a time.. : ))) So I was just wondering on my way home... Was it a destiny? Hell no... Cause I do not believe in destiny... : )) So... Destiny... Screw you.... : ))) Sooo... What now? I am watching NBC (on the internet of course) some black guy singing some japaneese song... Thats crazy, I am telling you... : )) But to tell you the truth, I missed USA TV from time to time... : )) And today whenever I was taking my cigarette breake (I do not smoke much, you have to understand... ehm.... : )) I had the same feeling I had sometimes in US when I was sitting on a porch, reading a newspaper or listening some music.... Oh nostalgy, sweet that feeling... : )) So the bottom line is that I do not know what to do with free evening (night, let us be serious... : )). To sit at home and to watch TV? Hell no... That is boring, but unfortunately I can not think of anything else... : )) And even worse thing is, that since I decided that I will go to party, all that excitement accomulated in me and I do not know what to do with it.... : ))) Weird sensation for me, I will have to do something and no, coffie is not going to help a lot... : ))) Ok, lets play Tekken 5 on PS2 and lets beat up some other guy... its like romantic and stuff... ehm... kind of... Fuck (heeey... it is my first F word so far in my diary... I am so proud of myself... : ))))) Well.... you have the idea... Keep your finger crossed so I will win... well... No one has any idea what I am talking about but it does not matter probably... : ))) Never the less... Lets play... : )))) napsal/a: R_evolution 00:50 Link komentáře (0)

Broken promises

20.Září 2006

Ok... And that is that... The deamon (I do not know how else to name it) finaly won... I am going to party... I do not know why should I, except that I do not have to work tommorow... Life in this instance is strange... On one side I can do whatever I want, and on the other side I am ruled by this power which does not allow me to stop from socialising with people... Is it a bad thing? I do not know... I will leave it upon consideration from others... Let us not thing about it anymore... I said I will go and I am going... Oh bloody impulsivnes, how I sometimes hate you... But hey, life would be so dull without it... Or so I percieve it this way... : )))) napsal/a: R_evolution 22:25 Link komentáře (0)

Ok, I am tired as hell... Could not even finish one level in The Godfather on PSP... That suck... : )) But anyways... : )) Lets set goals for tommorow...

1. Reschedule a meeting
2. Survive work day
3. Do not be tempted to go somewhere to party (god, this one is going to kill me.... : ))
4. Be positive... (LOL... I added this one just because I have seen it on USA TV... they are trying to stay positive but they suck... : ))
5. Finally set up an account on an auction... (with all seriousnes, I have to do that...)
6. God... I can not thing of anything else... : ))

Cool... I am going to go to bed... (sounds kind of dull since I am already sitting in my bed with a laptop on my... well... lap... : ))) napsal/a: R_evolution 00:09 Link komentáře (0)

Cooking... go to hell...

19.Září 2006

Hell... Smoky kitchen, some of my food is burned... Welcome to my cooking world... : )) Never the less I am making some progress... : ) It was better than yesterday... : )) Keep up with good work I would say... God, it sounnded pathetic... : ))) But on the other side... Never try, never know... : )) The movie Beautiful Mind is as great as never before... I do not know, maybe I was just in a mood to watch it... : )) Today I listened to a song I have to think about... Well, it is more complicated than that, but I am not going to go any further... Unberiable lightness of being I might add... : ) One can never understand woman and life... Hope noone is going to flame me for this... : )) Love your enigmatic personality girls... but... It IS sometimes little bit confusing... : )) I will have to stick with it, I guess... : )) So long this day and hello mysterious night... : ) To bad I can not just say Carpe Noctem... I am at home after all... : )) napsal/a: R_evolution 22:56 Link komentáře (0)

Another god damned day... But what can you do... I spent the whole day at work, looking at people and making a little bit of fun of them with my collegue... : )) Happy times, happy times... : )) At least you have a sense about what are people like... You would have no idea how many different types I meet every day, how every single human being acts... Oh well... Thats what people do when they are bored... : )) Life sucks!! Well... let me hold on to this idea and then just forget it... : ))) Life is great!! It just is, and all of you should just stick with it... : )) Or I will get mad... : )) Lol... It is funny that I am in a good mood even when I know that I will have to spend another two hours at work... : )) napsal/a: R_evolution 18:14 Link komentáře (0)

So... A diary you say, heh? Well... why the hell not? : )) I am sitting now at home, browsing on the internet and thinking about stuff... Mostly about people I should add... I was partying a lot past this week and I was wondering why is that... After a quiet month (well not that quiet actualy, but hey, it is my diary... : )), I realized that I quite possibly want to go back in time to days when I was careless and free and with no responsibility to speak of... Happy days back then, that is for sure... But now everything changes... I set certaing goals for myself and even that I am not man known for planning anytnyng (I am rather impulsive, you know... : ), I am keeping up with my decisions so far... And again, with that comes a lot of questions... and responsibility. School, money, carrer... All this comes together to my future... And with the realization of that I can not live without people around myself (and the irony of all this is that I live alone : )) and that I want to achieve the things I want to achieve, leaves me in a little bit confusing state... How to live without sacrefising one for the other? Right now I am in a dark mood, so give me a minute so I can thing about some great party.... OK, that helped... : )) Right now I am inclining to the carrer thing... Meaning that I will reduce my (so loved) social life... There is no time to dream, there is future ahead and I do not want to say in a year that back then... a year ago... I had dreams. I want to prove that I achieved something... Why I am writing this now? I do not know, but deep inside I thing because it should be a little, gentle reminder to me whenever I will go off the track... That everytime I write something in this diary I will see this first post and it will harden me in my decision... I might write here tommorow, next week... But it does not matter... The things I want are in my heart, in my mind... and I know that everything will happen the way I want (and bare in mind that I am very, very optimistic guy)... I am, after all, sagitarius... You know? : )) napsal/a: R_evolution 23:08 Link komentáře (0)