Dawn of the day

19.Září 2006

Another god damned day... But what can you do... I spent the whole day at work, looking at people and making a little bit of fun of them with my collegue... : )) Happy times, happy times... : )) At least you have a sense about what are people like... You would have no idea how many different types I meet every day, how every single human being acts... Oh well... Thats what people do when they are bored... : )) Life sucks!! Well... let me hold on to this idea and then just forget it... : ))) Life is great!! It just is, and all of you should just stick with it... : )) Or I will get mad... : )) Lol... It is funny that I am in a good mood even when I know that I will have to spend another two hours at work... : )) napsal/a: R_evolution 18:14 Link


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