Trip Home

21.Září 2006

Ok... So I am back at home... : )) It has not taken a long time, has it? : )) Well on my way to a club (which I of course could not find... and hey... it was not because I was drunk : )), I had to head back home... It is probably the first time that I did not even finish my way to a party... (and again... NO, I was not drunk at a time.. : ))) So I was just wondering on my way home... Was it a destiny? Hell no... Cause I do not believe in destiny... : )) So... Destiny... Screw you.... : ))) Sooo... What now? I am watching NBC (on the internet of course) some black guy singing some japaneese song... Thats crazy, I am telling you... : )) But to tell you the truth, I missed USA TV from time to time... : )) And today whenever I was taking my cigarette breake (I do not smoke much, you have to understand... ehm.... : )) I had the same feeling I had sometimes in US when I was sitting on a porch, reading a newspaper or listening some music.... Oh nostalgy, sweet that feeling... : )) So the bottom line is that I do not know what to do with free evening (night, let us be serious... : )). To sit at home and to watch TV? Hell no... That is boring, but unfortunately I can not think of anything else... : )) And even worse thing is, that since I decided that I will go to party, all that excitement accomulated in me and I do not know what to do with it.... : ))) Weird sensation for me, I will have to do something and no, coffie is not going to help a lot... : ))) Ok, lets play Tekken 5 on PS2 and lets beat up some other guy... its like romantic and stuff... ehm... kind of... Fuck (heeey... it is my first F word so far in my diary... I am so proud of myself... : ))))) Well.... you have the idea... Keep your finger crossed so I will win... well... No one has any idea what I am talking about but it does not matter probably... : ))) Never the less... Lets play... : )))) napsal/a: R_evolution 00:50 Link


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