So... A diary you say, heh? Well... why the hell not? : )) I am sitting now at home, browsing on the internet and thinking about stuff... Mostly about people I should add... I was partying a lot past this week and I was wondering why is that... After a quiet month (well not that quiet actualy, but hey, it is my diary... : )), I realized that I quite possibly want to go back in time to days when I was careless and free and with no responsibility to speak of... Happy days back then, that is for sure... But now everything changes... I set certaing goals for myself and even that I am not man known for planning anytnyng (I am rather impulsive, you know... : ), I am keeping up with my decisions so far... And again, with that comes a lot of questions... and responsibility. School, money, carrer... All this comes together to my future... And with the realization of that I can not live without people around myself (and the irony of all this is that I live alone : )) and that I want to achieve the things I want to achieve, leaves me in a little bit confusing state... How to live without sacrefising one for the other? Right now I am in a dark mood, so give me a minute so I can thing about some great party.... OK, that helped... : )) Right now I am inclining to the carrer thing... Meaning that I will reduce my (so loved) social life... There is no time to dream, there is future ahead and I do not want to say in a year that back then... a year ago... I had dreams. I want to prove that I achieved something... Why I am writing this now? I do not know, but deep inside I thing because it should be a little, gentle reminder to me whenever I will go off the track... That everytime I write something in this diary I will see this first post and it will harden me in my decision... I might write here tommorow, next week... But it does not matter... The things I want are in my heart, in my mind... and I know that everything will happen the way I want (and bare in mind that I am very, very optimistic guy)... I am, after all, sagitarius... You know? : )) napsal/a: R_evolution 23:08 Link


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