18.Březen 2008

i starting my game:(

i cant say my problem...because my problem you will see later...on mei love walking in the rain one dont see my cry...i think that this is one big troubles ...but i cant solve it ...sometimes i have beautiful time but today is other..i saying it will be okayand i believe that it will be true..every day im opposite mirror and i find my bad all see as im looks but you dont see what i feeling..i have BIG me pleas...i wanna feeling better..

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11.Březen 2008

yeah :D

im not as you

i wanna be perfect

i attain destination

but my fictitious way is agonizing

 i till then will have this plan

if i will look bad ..ignore me pleas

because i need you

and i dont want look this way

miss you so mutch

iam ugly as sin

and i want alternation



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