29.Duben 2014
(Text pouze anglicky, jelikož se jedná o akci v Americe.)

We are thrilled to announce that goods made by Porcelain Doll will be for sale at Anime Central in Chicago!
In case you are in Chicago but you aren't attending Anime Central, you can buy our items also at brunch hosted by Midwest Lolita Collective. In the giant booth will be many other lolita indie brands from all over the world!

All necessary info is here.

Porcelain Doll is sending some skirts to Chicago, in $40-$50 price range. In different sizes!

And we are also sending many many cheap accessories! Chokers priced $6-$10, headdresses and bonnets priced $12-$25, and socks with lace for $10 in different colors. 
... and more (^_-)
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17.Duben 2014
Nové sukně - k zakoupení na Animefestu a později i na e-shopu Porcelain Doll.

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