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All that remains & shit around


Hey folks!!!


How’s life threatin’ with you? Is it cool for ya? Long time no see.

I’ve got some news & some forgotten things to tell you about. I’ll try to find the right point where I shall start. But first of all I let you listen to one pretty brutal song of one amazing band called “all that remains”.




Dude, I’ve seen them live. It was last weekend at Abaton. These guy sare so mind-blowing. It was a cool gig. But what happened there. When I was passing my stuff to a lady from a cloak-room someone behind me said “Martin!!”.I was like "It can't be directed at me 'cause I don't know almost anyone  in Prague", anyway, I turned my head and saw my friend from Chomutov. Man,no men in the world would have expected her there. She’s like, you know, not that kind of girl who attends gigs like this one. That was a pretty big surprise. However let's get back to the gig. All that remains- ou yeah. Thereis a girl-basist and sometime she brutally screams, interesting. You could see that these guys were really enjoying the gig. And fuck man, that drummer was fucking unbelievable. His legs were so fucking fast. The singer is pretty cool dude. He screams, he sings, he can do anything and it will everytime sound good.there was also one band which could be mentioned. These guys are called“Deadlock”. After what I’d seen their music-video I didn’t feel myself tunned on their wave. I said to myself “ No, no, this is not my cup of tea.”. When I saw them live I was like “shit on my doorstep’, these guys really got me. That woman singer was really attractive and her voice so gorgeous…I'm telling you Every man in that club was crazy about her at the moment.She was awfully brutal good-looking....... But yeah, let’s get back to reality. I was there with one dude. we kinda hated each other but somehow we solve that problem. It's been like the second what we've seen each other and it was kinda brutal that's a cool know what I took from that.....If you  don't know the other person in deed you shouldn't really say anything bad about him/her till you get known the person. Keep it on mind you little freakin'bitches who don't care.


These weeks’ve been kinda hectic for me. Too many things to do and stuff around, you know what I mean. Let’s start with some nasty shit what I have done to my roommate. If you've read my articles before, maybe you already know something about him. It was one day when I got really pissed off with hisirresponsible and unreliable behaviour. I was trying to get some sleep and he was like walking around my head (metaphoriclly speaking) all morning. So annoying. He left for work and I was slowly gettin' up. I was really pissed off that morning. I opened the refrigerator and looked around. if you saw our contents of our fridge you would drive nucking futs. There are two small bottles with holy water, two sticks of holy chalk and some picture with stones around, I bet also holy. I took one bottle of  that shit and tasted it. It tasted like normal water so that I spilt it out into the sink and filled it with normal water from a tap. I guess he will never figure it out. He is a jerk. I don't want toinsult him or something, but he behaves that way and I am a person who can accept it only if I can do something good for him in return :) so there he goes. Okay, let him be for a little while I will get back to him. Maybe it looks like I'm making him look bad but the opposite is the truth. I'm the poor person around here. I still hear something what jesus does and I don't respect that. Dude,it's a bunch of crap- That's what I would like to tell him.


Yesterday I got very pleasant information that really makes happy. Myr oommate is going to Slovakia for the whole week. I can't even imagine that. Itwill be such relaxation. Yeah and the second cool news is that my brother has a gig so I can finally see him with his new boys. It will be like a brutal set of bands on Valentine's day. Kinda weird day but I guess it's worthy to see that...


I've been through a few parties but what shall I tell ya about it? Nothing special happened. you know, just drinking and talking.


Shit aside.


That is interesting. I started to go out with one of my previous student. We went to the cinema to watch that new movie with Brad Pitt. Fuck, it was cool, a little bit longer, though. She is gorgeous but there is just one little thing which is really really really really annoying me about her, yeah yeah, like I said she is gorgeous however she could stop talking about her job and her problems there.It's like, we're talking about different things  but somehow she everytime finds the way to get to conversation about her job again. it looks like she's been working there for the whole life but the truth is, she's been there like for 6 months. We had had two dates so far. So what can I know.. It's just the beginning. It's a better example, though. I know one person and she always talks about men and Ican tell you, it's nothing pleasant. It's like, you spend with that girl 3hours for example and she spends 157 minutes on talking about men. It's disgusting. She is kinda a slutty girl.



I remember one cool thing and it's called "halo effect". Youknow what is it??? I tell you the definition of this. It's a drawing a general impression of an individual on a basis of a single characteristic. Maybe I should recall this a little bit more often and you should too.



this article is kinda shitty you can still learn something from this, though. I make an additional vocabulary for you. So here you go, look below, hope you don't feel sorrow.....just jamming


Addition for you:

Some words which can appear unclear to your mind because of extension of your vocabulary. Okay, let's do this.


mind-blowing- it's like breath-taking.




tunned-nalazen, nalazeny

shit on my doorstep- to shag your mother in law while you are tottaly pissed. Pouzito mnou jako- to si delas prdel, to me poser.

irresponsible and unreliable behaviour- nezodpovedne a nespolehlive chovani

metaphorically speaking- obrazne receno


in return- na oplatku

bunch of crap- hromada kecu

go nucking futs- go Fucking nuts- go mad

insult- urazit


avoid- vyhnout se

otherwise- jinak


recall- vzpomenout si