Blink Banner! Gavin Dance/In Fear and Faith/Emarosa/Alesana/A Skylit drive

Hey dudes 'n' chicks
  • Just feel like letting you know that czech websites have a new site for core fans called "" so check it out. I started to co-operate with these guys as a interviewer. I do interviews with band from abroad, I've done and interview with a few bands such as Underoath and Architects.....these interviews can be already seen on . You can also expect interviews with Alesana, A Skylit Drive and Emarosa.
  • it could appear you don't know these bands, I just want to give a little taste of it....let's start with Emarosa, one of my very best bands.
  • And there you have a bit of Dance Gavin Dance...also one of my very best bands ever..
  • And now you'll hear one very popular band among Emo-kidz which is called "Alesana", this song is fucking kickass, though..
  • Sorry for those vids, but I'm living in Germany at the moment and youtube here is fucking messed up.
  • Check out and you'll know what's happening, what you favourite bands are up to and so on.
talk to ya soon....take care...