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Germany- Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Saarbrücken 1st part

Hey guys!!!
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So, I just spent 4 weeks in Germany and it was bloody fast. It feels like one week.  I spent most of my time in Frankfurt where I had a school, but thanks to my friend "Marion", I met in Australia, I saw much more than that. My first trip was to Saarbrücken which is a capital city of Saarland. It's a great city where you can do a lot. I had great fun when I was riding myboard along the river "Saar", it felt just great with the sun and music :) The French borders were only 20 km from Saarbrücken, I was supposed to go to Paris for one day, but the buses from Wiesbaden to Paris were fucking fully booked......never mind
Marion showed me one club called "Garage" and it was awesome. The inside was big a circus tent, there were like 3 stages around where you can hang out and dance, but don't be confused by the word "dance", it's a rock club, so you actually dance along songs from bands like Blink 182, A day to remember, Offspring and so on. We really need a club like that in Chomutov and if I don't find a facility like this one in Czech in one year,  I have no faith in Czech  people anymore ;), it was really sick there.
It was cool 'cause I had a place to sleep for free In Frankfurt, in Wiesbaden and in Saarbrücken :)
Wiesbaden is a capital city of Hessen and it's beautiful, when you look here you can find out something about it. I had a great time there, but it was fucking far from my school and Marion was going crazy from her flatmate. Nothing was good enough for her(flatmate). Marion decided we should move, I couldn't say anything I was just her guest, so I followed. She found a flat next to the central station which was 10 min from my school. I was like "Fuck yeah" that's amazing. Later we moved in, it was a flat of one asian girl, she looks like 23, but she is 30 and the way she cooks....damn...make my nipples hard ;) goddamn I love asian cuisine. 
My class was cool too. There were about 12 people and everyone was from a different country: They were from Vietnam, Korea, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, France and maybe something else, but I can't remember. The lessons were kinda slow for me, though. But there's no better way how to learn that language. I can say I gained a big vocabulary both usual words and slang. Maybe I should start writing in German :) If you're reading this  I'm running this blog just for practising my English, anyway :D  You know, the best thing how to memorize words is to use them and that's what I'm doing. 
Typical drink for Frankfurt is APPLE WINE and typical food is CURRYWURST & GREEN SAUCE.
Unfortunately, I didn't try it. I know I know, shame on me.
I have to go now, see you later & be cool
Martini Hospy Jr.