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Germany- Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Saarbrücken 2nd part

Hi  folks!!!
  • I found a minute to write something more about my trip in Germany, but first, let's here something "touchy"

  • I'm not a guy who would do it, but I just want to let you know about it. When you get to Frankfurt and you are fucking horny, I'm dead sure I know what will satisfy you wants and needs There is one street called "KaiserStrasse" and it's full of night clubs and erotic shops, BUT what I've found out, you'll go crazy mad(especially boys or men). You know restaurants called "eat as much as you can" so Germany has a similiar facility, but if I would give a name to  it, it would be "fuck as much as you can". Really, I'm not kidding, there are clubs like these, where you pay like 80-100 maybe less maybe more, I'm not sure, but you can fuck with whoever you want and how long you want . Yeah there's a limit 7 hours, but hey, who fucks that long :D :D
  • In Frakfurt, you must go to Sachsenhausen. It's a part with traditional food and drinks. The best thing about Germany is "Euro shop". This kind of shops offers great things for great prices.  It's really cool  and you can find them everywhere.
  • You must visit the ZOO there too. It's amazing, I've never ever seen so many monkey species, ever. And the coolest thing about the ZOO is, at five o'clock, they start feeding lions and tigers and you are like 2 meters far from it. I was amazed.
That's gonna be all from my trip and next time we will move to ROCK AM RING...HELL YEAH
Martini Hospy Jr.