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ROCK AM RING 2010, Germany, N

Hey guys!!!!
  • Here I come again :) Happy?

  • After I'd finished my german course I went with my brother to Rock am Ring. First night was with KISS, man, what I can say about that. It's like, if you don't even listen to that band, you gotta see the show, 'cause it's something what you will remember for the rest of your life, you know what I mean? You know, like, bands leave the stage and after a minute they're back to give you more and it's usually the best part of the gig, that was when we came and it was sick. The fire show behind them was stunning, never seen that before, I couldn't even compare that with czech fireworks at New Year's Eve, 'cause I would shame the KISS ;)
  • Next day, we were preparing ourselves for a big night with Rage against the machine. We were chillin' in the tent, drinking beer and smoking some weed, when we got to the stage, we were fucked up, I'm telling you. We came when Jay-z was performing and it was just great. Jay-z is some fucking good musician. Just fucking awesome. Then we listened to some bands, I don't even know their names, but they were pretty good too. I definitely remember what we missed, though :D. We missed Kate Nash, Heaven shall burn and The damned things, but nevermind. It's not just about the bands you see, it's about  experiencing being there and having fun with total strangers. 
  • The third day was a amazing day too. we're stoned since we got from the tent, opened beer and waited for the beginning of the show. We had the chance to see Stone Sour, Dizzee Rascal, Zebrahead, Slayer, 30 second to mars and something more. Despite the fact, I don't like Muse, I'm kinda mad I didn't see the show.
  • Last day we went from our camping area to the festival area to see A day to remember. I love these guys, the music is so powerful and energic and the singer's vocal is fabulous. When they played the last song, it turned out nice, so we could take off our raincoats and carry on in getting hammered :). Like I'm thinking about the last day and looking at the line up, I actually don't remember seeing bands like Rise against and HIM. But I should take it from the bright side, so I have to think about what I saw. Guys, if you ever have the chance to see Bullet from my valentine, you gotta go see them, 'cause their show is like "fuck yeah". Cypress hill were cool too, but nothing for me. We went back to our tent and chill to gain some energy for Rammstein, but we couldn't make how tired we were, so we missed them too :)
  • I can't believe my time in Germany is gone. It ran so unimaginably fast. When I'm thinking about it, it became history like when you snap your fingers. And now I'm back, working like a dog, trying to keep my German fluent and saving for the next trip :)
talk to you later, Ciao
Martini Hospy Jr.