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Trip around England, to Germany, France and finally Rock am Ring 2011 pt 1

Yo, what's up, folks?
something tasty for core ears :)

  • It's been hell of a time since I last wrote here. I've been through so much shit, deactivated lasers with my know what I mean :)
  • I got to England one month ago. First stop was London, what else, right? I spent there, let's say, ten days. One of my friend hosted me so accommodation was free :) I know, good for me. Weed and transport are very expensive there, but everything else is cheap as fuck, okay, if you're not keen on the greatest quality products. Camden town is an amazing part of England if you like fashion concerning music and old stuff. Anyway, I forgot to do some shopping in that part, it for the next one. I love SOHO because I just love asian cuisine. You should check it out, if you love it as I do. Definitely check out on Primark, the cheapest clothing provided, but cool stuff, like Back to the future t-shirt, Gremlins and dresses for girls are so tempting, I believe that girls could spend there, like, all day.Then 
  •  I went to Liverpool(the city of BEATLES). It's a lot smaller than I expected. It's more of a village to me, I'd say. I found one pretty cool hostel called Everton hostel. It's cheap as hell and you get free drinks during the whole day, breakfast included, shower at your share-room, free coffee, tea, chocolate, there is a cooker, a fridge and a washing machine, It's also good for living. I met there one guy from Egypt. He's been living in the UK for 2 years and he wasn't able to speak to me, but anyway, we grabbed beer together and exchange a few words. 
  • Then I went to Manchester as I found one couchsurfer who could host me, if you don't know what couchsurfing is, check out this link. The day I got there, there was this couchsurfing meeting, maaaan, I met so many people from all over the world and the party was huge :) I learnt a new drink, It's called JAGbomb, It's an actual shot Jaggermeister put in a long glass and filled with Redbull upto the edge of the shot. It tastes delicious and you don't even know it was some fucking herbal drink. It's great and How shit-faced I was, too much, man. My host was an asian girl, she was in he middle 30s, she cute as hell and very smart, that's the combination I'm following :) She was wild, talkative and very friendly. I really enjoyed staying at her house.
  • After two days in Manchester I went back to London, but what happened, when I was getting on the bus. It broke down, man, so I got stuck in Manchester's bus station for hours, but when I got to London I made it up to myself with a few drags of English weed. 
  • I went to Brighton for a few hours because it's a kind of city, I'd like to live in one day, you know. You should check it out. Brighton is a great place for students, musicians and party people, yeah, that's the way it is.I made some pics and then I was like: okay it's 6 o'clock, let's go home....but then I said to myself, like,: No, let's stay for a bit longer, maybe have some sandvich or so. So I went back towards the beach and then it happened, I met a friend which I met there almost two yrs ago. It was such a brutal coincidence to me, you know, I kinda freaked out. We chatted for a bit and then our ways hit different direction.
  • That's my short description of my trip around England, but before you go, listen to this song, I love it, man.
  • And that's definitely the end of this article or wait a minute I've got some quotes and jokes to mention :) :)
"I'm a postmodern vegetarian - I eat meat ironically."
How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb? 
Two, one to change it and one to check for animal ingredients.