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Hi there!!!

  • How's it going these days???
  • Last time, I was writing about Brighton and I must mention it one more time. Brighton is a kickass town.
      • Okay, let's move on, shall we?
  • I'm be writing abou music and gigs today as you could notice from the title of this article, Probably that's why you're here, right?
  • My favourite band I'm gonna write about is called "UNDEROATH". There is a little taste:

  • So, what do you say?? It's completely badass, right? Let's get back to their name. Its name is usually written like this "underOATH" which does make sense now. Yeah, now you can see the name is with a christianity context. This band is said to play screamo, emo-core, hard-core, but truth is that they call themselves metal-core, but from my point of view i would call it Christian core, short form is "christcore. The reason is the lyrics have a christianity contex. The band’s line-up consists entirely of Christian members and was formed on November 30, 1997 in Ocala, Florida. Line-up has changed a few times. There's just one original member and it's a drummer and  a vocal singer "Aaron Gillespie" who is also known for playing in a band "The Almost" consisting ex-members from bands like "Hand to hand", "Dead Poetic" or "Phoenix Mourning".
 There's the actual line-up- [[Underoath]] Is
- Spencer Chamberlain-lead vocals
- Timothy McTague- guitar
- Grant Brandell- bass
- James Smith- guitar
- Christopher Dudley- keys/snyth
- Aaron Gillespie- drums/vocals
  • Dallas Taylor was a front man till Spencer Chamberlain replaced him in 2004. Dallas made music sound mostly death-core except Aaron's clean vocal here and there. The band really reached the top when Spencer joined the group and they succesfully made 3 new albums. Despite the fact they're all christians and I'm really against that I fuckin' love these goddamn motherfuckers.
  • Don't forget, Underoath are going to perfom  in Prague on April 1st. And one metal core band "Architects" will play along. This will be some kickass show.

Ok, that's all for now. Nex time, I will write about bands that will be performing on April 20th. Dance Gavin Dance, In Fear And Faith and Asking Alexandria.

See you later.

Martin Hospy Jr.